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talk to me! <3   Tattoos, yoga, design, jazz, cooking, exploring, and embracing all life has to offer. Mom to a sweet baby boy and wife to a babely submariner. Former preschool teacher and brooklyn resident, currently a SAHM in san diego. Mixed race, as are my husband and son. Cloth diaper, co-sleep, baby wear, and breastfeed- but that's just works for our family! Love life.    

For my yoga photos/personal ramblings/pics of my and the fam, just search the blog for tagged personal. <3

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Aaron’s been underway for the first time since Malakai’s been really aware of his presence- it hasn’t been too long, but it’s been long enough, haha. He gets back very soon, but we’ve been keeping busy all week! One of my friends gave Malakai and I tickets to the Padres/Dodgers opener tuesday, and then my brother came down to visit us. I made vegan scones and they actually came out pretty good- I’ve been baking a lot more lately and it’s been nice to get back into it. Today and yesterday I stayed at one of my friend’s houses whose husband is also on the boat, and her kids had a field day with that, haha. It’s so funny how a little bit of nail polish and make up can make a whole evening fun with littles. 😊

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